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Software Development

Solution Design

A series of processes are done to understand the current business process,Key findings from the requirements discovery stage gets analysed by our business architects. During this stage, we will present you a software based business case.

Solution Development

Once the business case is justified and signed off - our team will proceed to develop the solution in a highly managed environment. High quality standards are maintained to ensure the project gets delivered on-time , within budget


Continious development & deployment - If your product require ongoing support and management - Our product managment team will take over the project and work with you to prioritize and manage new product features and releases.

Bespoke Software Development

We understand that every business is unique and has very specific needs to make it run. Most certainly there are certain components of the business that can be moulded around an off the shelf solution, but customising an off the shelf software to suit your business could be a very costly and a time consuming task.

At JRP, our focus is not to reinvent the wheel. We focus on building business specific applications that integrates with common off the shelf software tools.We work with a number of software partners including SAP, Dynamics 365, Xero and many more to help our clients gain their competitive edge. We specialise in,

  • CRM System
  • Finance Software
  • ERP System
  • Point of Sales
Software Development
Ecommerce Stores
Project Recovery
Updates & Maintainance

Dedicated Teams

At Creative Software we are experts in building and managing dedicated teams of software engineers who become a regular part of your in-house workforce, contributing to the development, maintenance and support of your software applications.

Once established, your in-house workforce and dedicated engineers at JRP solutions will function as one team sitting at two geographic locations.

Our highly skilled software professionals and almost two decades of experience working with geographically dispersed teams have made us a trusted partner to clients around the world.

  • Attract Excellent Talant
  • Build and Retain Domain Enterprise
  • Be Agile & Responsive
  • Increase Value