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Mobile Development

Android Application Development

Google is also competing fiercely in the world of mobile with its groundbreaking Android OS. During these days, numerous smart phones as well as tablets are utilizing Android OS.

iPhone/iPad App Development

Apple has redefined mobile usage and has conquered the market of mobile apps while transforming our lifestyle and the way we establish connection
with our networks.

Windows Mobile App Development

Windows mobile OS resembles the laptop and desktop OS versions of Microsoft. We design sophisticated Windows mobile apps with the use of Visual Studio and
Mobile SDK.

Select the RIGHT Mobile App development company & see the DIFFERENCE!

Your dream deserves more than a place in your imagination. How about a place in the Apple App Store, and Google Play Store? Synotec Holdings mobile app developers will build the mobile app to your requirement, in your budget and as per your timeline.

According to an independent market research company, the demand for the very latest in smart phones and tablets (such as iPads) has been rapidly growing in Sri Lanka. In relation to this ever increasing demand, more and more users are now accessing the web via these gadgets. In turn, the demand for innovative mobile application development strategies have also increased, as businesses now wish to target potential customers through their mobiles while they’re on the go.

  • Dynamic Android & iOS Applications
  • Solutions for Your Enterprise
  • Transfer & Update Service
  • Support & Maintenance
API Management
Android , iOS and Windows Platforms
UI / UX Designing
Updates & Maintainance

We build mobile apps that suit a wide range of platforms

Building a meaningful mobile application - require a bit of pre-planning. User experience and usability across a number of different devices is the key to having a successful mobile application.Over the years, we have leveraged off our own mobile app development process which has yielded a number of successful outcomes for our clients.

  • Story Board Design
  • App Design UI / UX
  • Testing & QA
  • Ethical Business Practices